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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eat Street

Have been tuning into a program called "Eat Street". The cooking is all about the best lip smacking street food that you can come by at different geos.

Eat Street as seen on Fox Traveller covers different types of cuisines - Spanish, Oriental etc and for different type of foodies.

I loved the recent watch about a food truck called Wicked Wiches (Read as SandWiches).
Each sandwich has a very unique flavor and name (not that I've tasted it), but its wonderfully captured, that you can almost touch and taste it. Check out something called a "Cuban Philly" sandwich !

This reminds me of the wonderful Beef Tacos that had some time ago at Santa Clara,CA. And you guessed it right it was at a "Food Truck". It may have been a bit high on the cholestrol side, but nothing like an indulgence once a week at a Food Truck.

Back home in Pune,India ; I'm a big fan of 2 types of street food - 1. Bhel Puri (The Juhu beach style) and 2. Chicken Momos. They are great during the winter, can be had for snacks or for a meal (lunch or dinner).

There are a few Food Trucks around in Pune, but they're yet to pick up that many fans, since they're not usually found at the same place consistently. The middle ground are the eateries called cafes or bakeries, that have some unique sandwiches.

I've long been contemplating entering the food business and a Food Truck has always been an appealing choice as a cost-effective way to manage a food business.

What do you think about Meals on Wheels ? Does it work for you ?

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